Photo of the Night: Kevin Love doesn’t feel like dancing

 I’m sure it is an exhilarating feeling winning a Olympic gold medal. I’ll never know and have come to accept that. Odds are any one reading this will never find out either. However, I would probably be jumping for joy or hugging my teammate or mates. Kevin Love doesn’t care what I would do because he knows what he would do, stand there awkwardly. The picture below demonstrates it perfectly.Of course, this is just a short tidbit of what I am sure was hours and hours of celebration. The comical fact remains that here our best Wolves’ player looks like a bouncer at a rowdy night club. My favorite thing might actually be James Harden dancing with what appears to be a gold Monster’s Inc. character. Go ahead and go wild team USA. Love is already conserving his energy for the playoff run next year.

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  1. Zach

    That’s just the way K-Love is. He’s not flashy, he just goes out and gets the job done. Also, I agree… he’s saving his energy for the playoff push come April.