Photo of the Night: Vikings stadium bill clears Senate

 It may only took a short 9 plus hours but the bill finally came to a vote. The bill passed with a vote of 38-28. I am convinced that 8 and a half of the hours were Senator John Marty talking. In the end, the bill has passed and will now head to Conference Committee for compromise. Hoppe, Lanning, Morrow for House and Rosen, Reinert and Ingebrightsen of the Senate will make up the Committee (a little checking shows that all 6 members voted yes to the bill). For now, vast in our Yeas beating out the Nays. 

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  1. Nienaber99

    Seriously, could Marty be a bigger tool? Hoffmann and Chamberlain aren’t much better.

    1. Justin

      Agreed. You know the phrase penny for your thoughts or whatever. Well if we had a penny for all their thoughts during all that we could have paid for the stadium without any help from Wilf.