Report: Zygi Wilf’s Jet in Los Angeles

 Think you have had enough with all the endless stadium debating? Imagine how Vikings’ owner Zygi Wilf feels. That is why it isn’t all that surprising that his jet has been reportedly seen in LA, according to an ESPN report. It is possible that he is there because he owns real estate in that area. It also is entirely possible that he has reached his breaking point. Wilf has let Lester Bagley do most of the talking over the last few months but now Zygi is doing something to send his own message. Bagley himself has already said “there won’t be a next year” when referring to more stadium debating. The problem is at the front burner and needs to be addressed now. So, Wilf may be checking on his real estate or he could be looking at a backup plan for when we find out that we don’t have next year. Are you ready to say good-bye to the Vikings like we did to the North Stars and Lakers?


  1. Steelers


  2. Rich. Aanderud

    I cannot believe that the Vikings cannot get 25 Billionairs to chip in money to buy land outside Minneapolis , and build a Stadium, and give these. Billionairs land to build Restaurants, Bars. Etc. near the Stadium, to make big bucks from visitors. Why do the Taxpayers have to put in any money—this is a. Business—not. A. Public. School. Decision—get it. Done. Vikings–get. Your. Act. Together. Stop. Playing games–Just. Do. It. !!!!

    1. Justin

      Something needs to be done. We have a slightly positive update right here if you wanna check it out http://minnesporta.com/2012/04/20/senate-revives-bill-for-stadium/. Still a lot needs to happen. The Vikings are probably the biggest thing in Minnesota in terms of sports. We can’t lose them too!