The reason the Crawford/Wolves deal died

Many Timberwolves’ fans were excited as trade talks began to flourish about getting Portland Shooting Guard Jamaal Crawford, but right at the deadline, the deal died.

Canishoopus.com, stated that Glenn Taylor killed the deal because he didn’t want to get the late edition of Derek Fisher in the deal. That makes sense, who wants to pick up an old veteran point guard after Rubio went down when the role of veteran PG is already taken (Luke Ridnour), and get a much worse player out of the deal. So I thought I’d look a little deeper into the subject.

It appears the main thing that killed this deal was the greed of LA (which is weird since they should have been greedy to get another title, something they thought Beasley could have helped them do). It seems that LA wanted to dump their big, over priced salaries onto the wolves, including Luke Walton. It’s also easy to assume that Jason Kapono was going to be part of that salary dump.  He’s a great shooter, but wouldn’t really be what the Wolves were looking for. I’m not sure on the exact deals of Walton, Fisher, and Kapono, but I’m assuming their rather over inflated. Wolves fans should be proud of our owner and front office for not taking on those bloated salaries just to get Crawford. 

The Wolves continue to struggle as of late, dropping 5 of their last 6. Crawford, Walton, Fisher, and Kapono might have made the Wolves .500 in that stretch. They may also have kept them at .500 for the next several years, something the Wolves hope to do better than in the coming years.