ESPN posts racial headline

It is hard to find any justification for this headline. ESPN is in love with making funny puns on players but this is just inexcusable. If anyone is unaware, Chink is considered a racist term to describe someone of Asian decent. Yes, it is also contained in the phrase “Chink in the Armor” that people commonly say. However, someone with a literary background great enough to work at ESPN should be smarter than this. This marks the second time Lin has been the victim of racial comments since becoming the starter for the Knicks. Jason Whitlock of Fox Sports tweeted this shortly after the Knicks victory over the Lakers, “Some lucky lady in NYC is going to feel a couple of inches of pain tonight.” So for anyone keeping score at home that is 7 starts for Lin and 2 racist remarks. Whitlock apologized and blamed his immature personality. ESPN also offered an apology for the “mistake” and blamed their editorial procedure for the error. This may not be Timberwolves’ news or anything Minnesota related but I could not look past it. It is unfortunate that the reporters can hide behind such elementary excuses and face no retribution.

Update: This is not the first occurrence of this happening at ESPN. Just found video of the same phrase being used after the Knicks win against Sacramento. Have a look.


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  1. Will

    Wow, I don’t know how editors let this fly.

    1. Justin

      Yeah it is just Linsane. See what I did there?

      1. Will

        Yep, good work, very Linpresive.

  2. fuck@dickhead.com

    Fucken racist bastards.

    1. Justin

      You sure have an unfortunate name and email I must say.


    ESPN has educated reporters with a literary background? lmao. Seriously? What world are you living in? This is exactly the type of crap that I would expect from ESPN but even I thought this was COMPLETELY INSANE. Good luck with the backlash on this one. Only goes to prove why Lin wasn’t drafted……because of trailer park uneducated trash like the guy who wrote “Chink in the Armor” and thought it would fly. You sure it wasn’t Mayweather or Whitlock who wrote that? This is why our society is so messed up, because we have idiots putting into print that the public consumes without any real credentials.

    1. Justin

      Yeah I was probably off base when I assumed they had literary background. I am just curious what was on this writer’s mind as he send that headline to publish. Did he think he was clever?

      1. weezilgirl

        Yes, he thought he was clever. Too bad he didn’t think “gee, I’m pretty immature, ignorant and dumb” to want to put this headline out”.

  4. jame lower

    Take reporter out to the wood shed!