Minnesota could be looking to trade for Pau Gasol

According to Fox Sports, the Timberwolves could be interested in acquiring Pau Gasol from the Lakers before the trade deadline. Everyone on the Wolves roster would be made available besides Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio. If Minnesota could manage to get Gasol, and keep Pekovic and Derrick Williams, it could make for a really strong rotation. It is hard to see us getting Gasol and keeping all that young talent. It is also hard to see any real value for the Lakers in regards to players on the Wolves roster but it is possible they could be looking to trim salary because of the high luxury tax associated with the new CBA. If Minnesota could land Gasol via trade and sign J.R. Smith when he returns from China it could really bolster the Wolves shot at the playoffs.


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  1. kennykrack


    1. Justin

      Seems a bit far fetched. I don’t see the value matching up with this trade. It has been talked about according to rumor though.

      1. Zach

        I don’t know guys. The lakers want to trim that budget so they can get Dwight Howard next year. I see this as a big possibility for the Wolves and Lakers. If they got a draft pick and the chance at Howard, why wouldn’t they?

        1. Justin

          The problem then would be filling our gaping holes at our wing positions. We aren’t getting any production there and then our cap would restrict us in free agency.