Kevin Love says he’s the best PF

Kevin Love, in an interview with ESPN, stated that he thinks that he’s the best Power Forward currently in the NBA.

Whether this has anything to do with his contract negotiations is irrelevant.  Love is an amazing 4 and having all the confidence in himself can only make him play better (unless he turns into a Brett Favre or LeBron James, and thinks he can do whatever he wants).  That being said, even as a huge Wolves fan, I don’t think the Love is the best PF in the league, but I do think he’s the most versatile.  Plus, it’s hard to tell who’s the best at this position.  Dirk Nowitzki is clearly the best shooting 4 to ever play the game, few people would doubt that.  Blake Griffin is the most athletic ever to play the game (I mean, my goodness, he’s like a PF version of Jordan, leaping ability wise). Probasketballtalk.com claimed LaMarcus Aldridge to be the best, now I haven’t seen much of him, but he seems to bring more defense to the table then these other guys.

With all that said, let me go back to the most versatile.  Love gets lots of rebounds, he scores consistently, he isn’t a “Steve Nash” on defense, and he’s carried a crappy T-wolves team (sure they won like 30 games in the last 2 and a half years, but we’re talking about if he’s the best power forward, not Michael Jordan (who I’m also not sure could have carried the wolves those few years)).  I definitely think that he’s worth the max contract, and he’s given T-wolves fans something to be excited about.